Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AAR GSL Week 6

Week 6 GSL Starting Score: 37145
Week 6 GSL Ending Score: 40475
Week 6 GSL Points Scored: 3330
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

What was supposed to be a big gain for me after two weeks on the bench turned out to be just an average week. 3,330 points put up for week 6. Respectable but lacking imo. Wednesday and Thursday nights continue to be a struggle as I only get in four hours of gaming on those nights after working 11 hour days.

Saturday was probably my most frustrating day in this whole GSL. It started when my copy of NBA Live 08 would not load all the way for me. I would get ready to start my game and at the loading screen right before tip off I would get the "unable to read disc" error. So I jumped in my pimp ride and went down the street to my local game store and had them buff it out. While I was waiting for my game I was happy to see that the rental place next door had a copy of Wrestlemania Legends available to rent. My Team has been telling me how there is an easy 600 pts in this game so as you can imagine I was stoked to find a copy. Im standing in line for a few minutes behind then get to the counter. I hand over the case to my prized GSL game only to find out that they had mistakenly put the case out for display and they had no copies for rent. Talk about a huge let down.

Good news though is that Im now less then 10k away for from 2009 goal of 50k. Looks like Ill have to tweak it again but not sure what to yet.

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