Monday, March 16, 2009

AAR GSL Week 4

No score update for me as I rode the bench this past week.

Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

The week off aloud me to catch my breath and watch my team take care of things. We are still in 5th place but the Young Guns gained some serious ground on us. We hold a very slim lead on them but we should be able to pull away in this next week.

Im on the bench again for Week 5 so Ill be continuing to try and support my teammates and try to pre-load some points as well.

In other GSL news there is a very tight race for fist place. KOTOR and Team Short Bus were battling out with the lead going back and forth over the week. Of course I had to get my bag of popcorn as some more drama unfolded.

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