Monday, March 2, 2009

February Recap

With February being a short month I am very pleased with my numbers for this month. Considering that this month got off to a slow start as I waited for the launch of GSL VII, over at, I finished the month quite nicely.

Coming in to the month my GS stood at 23,508. I used the momentum from January and dropped over 9k points, a very large part of that was due to the GSL and my kick ass Team Captain ThrawnOmega who lent me ten games from his collection to plow through.

Gamerscore Gained: 9,792 (oh so close to 10k)
Retail Completed: 6
Arcade Completed: 0 (no time for arcade titles with GSL)
GS needed for 50K: 16,700

My race with Gamergirl6969 has heated up and right now she is enjoying a small lead. She has publicly stated that her motivation is to catch my team, The Hand of Thrawn. My fellow teammates will not allow her and her team Left 4 Achievements to catch us. I just have to do my part and beat her to 50k.

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