Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AAR GSL Week 6

Week 6 GSL Starting Score: 37145
Week 6 GSL Ending Score: 40475
Week 6 GSL Points Scored: 3330
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

What was supposed to be a big gain for me after two weeks on the bench turned out to be just an average week. 3,330 points put up for week 6. Respectable but lacking imo. Wednesday and Thursday nights continue to be a struggle as I only get in four hours of gaming on those nights after working 11 hour days.

Saturday was probably my most frustrating day in this whole GSL. It started when my copy of NBA Live 08 would not load all the way for me. I would get ready to start my game and at the loading screen right before tip off I would get the "unable to read disc" error. So I jumped in my pimp ride and went down the street to my local game store and had them buff it out. While I was waiting for my game I was happy to see that the rental place next door had a copy of Wrestlemania Legends available to rent. My Team has been telling me how there is an easy 600 pts in this game so as you can imagine I was stoked to find a copy. Im standing in line for a few minutes behind then get to the counter. I hand over the case to my prized GSL game only to find out that they had mistakenly put the case out for display and they had no copies for rent. Talk about a huge let down.

Good news though is that Im now less then 10k away for from 2009 goal of 50k. Looks like Ill have to tweak it again but not sure what to yet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sergeant First Class Selection

Most of my gaming friends know that I am a Soldier in the US Army. With this being my Military Gamer Blog I thought I would share the news that today I was selected for promotion by the Army to the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7). Obviously this is a huge "Achievement" in my military career. Now what does any of this have to do with Gaming? Well more rank means more money which means more retail games!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race Update

I am getting smashed. Gamergirl6969 had two huge weeks in the GSL and has left me in the dust. Last time I got my ass kicked like this by a chick was when I was in the second grade and some fifth grader named Shelly (aka Shelly Smelly!) pushed me down on the playground and took my lunch money.

Its not over yet though. Im back in the lineup next week in the GSL so at least Ill make the race a little more respectable.

Monday, March 16, 2009

AAR GSL Week 4

No score update for me as I rode the bench this past week.

Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

The week off aloud me to catch my breath and watch my team take care of things. We are still in 5th place but the Young Guns gained some serious ground on us. We hold a very slim lead on them but we should be able to pull away in this next week.

Im on the bench again for Week 5 so Ill be continuing to try and support my teammates and try to pre-load some points as well.

In other GSL news there is a very tight race for fist place. KOTOR and Team Short Bus were battling out with the lead going back and forth over the week. Of course I had to get my bag of popcorn as some more drama unfolded.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

AAR GSL Week 3

Week 3 GSL Starting Score: 34265
Week 3 GSL Ending Score: 36510
Week 3 GSL Points Scored: 2245
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

What was to be a promising week for me turned out to be another dissapointing one. Between work and getting sick on Thursday night I did my best to make to put down as many points as possible.

On the bright side of things this was probably one of the most enjoyable weeks of gaming. Reason being was the amount of time spent playing with friends mixed in with GSL drama. Big shout out goes to Derek1337, my teammate that helped me finish up Lord of the Rings Conquest (what an awful game). The real highlight was listening to Bl4CK SiLv4's all night gaming session as he approached the 100k mark. Congrats again bro on the milestone.

In league news The Hand of Thrawn moved into 5th place this week. There is still a large gap between us and the 4th place team, The Sinster Six, but I have confidence that my team will close on them in the next week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

February Recap

With February being a short month I am very pleased with my numbers for this month. Considering that this month got off to a slow start as I waited for the launch of GSL VII, over at x360a.org, I finished the month quite nicely.

Coming in to the month my GS stood at 23,508. I used the momentum from January and dropped over 9k points, a very large part of that was due to the GSL and my kick ass Team Captain ThrawnOmega who lent me ten games from his collection to plow through.

Gamerscore Gained: 9,792 (oh so close to 10k)
Retail Completed: 6
Arcade Completed: 0 (no time for arcade titles with GSL)
GS needed for 50K: 16,700

My race with Gamergirl6969 has heated up and right now she is enjoying a small lead. She has publicly stated that her motivation is to catch my team, The Hand of Thrawn. My fellow teammates will not allow her and her team Left 4 Achievements to catch us. I just have to do my part and beat her to 50k.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

AAR GSL Week 2

Week 2 GSL Starting Score: 30745
Week 2 GSL Ending Score: 33985
Week 2 GSL Points Scored: 3240
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 6th

What a disappointing week for me. My goal had been to drop four thousand points this week but I failed to do so.

Eragon, single handily ruined my GSL week. This game was so horrible and boring that I fell asleep on three different occasions playing it, and we all know there is no sleeping in a GSL. It is projected as a 5-10hour game but probably took me longer. The only bright spot was that I did 1k it so I will never have to insult my 360 again by loading up this horrible game.

The game I did enjoy this week was Cars. My Son is a big Cars fan so playing with him watching and cheering me on (or yelling at me when I lost) was a enjoyable experience. The game was rather fun and with the help of the youtube videos I was able to 1k this game also. For the record it took me one hour to find all the postcards.

Im in the lineup for week 3 of the GSL so I plan on making up for some of the lost ground from this past week. I need to hit my local stores and load up on some more ammo. As a team we did fairly well as Bishop x360a and BL4CK SiLv4 led the charge which aloud us to secure the 6th spot in the league. We have a small mountain to climb to break into the top 5 but it is a doable. We just have to remember its a Marathon, not a sprint.