Sunday, March 8, 2009

AAR GSL Week 3

Week 3 GSL Starting Score: 34265
Week 3 GSL Ending Score: 36510
Week 3 GSL Points Scored: 2245
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 5th

What was to be a promising week for me turned out to be another dissapointing one. Between work and getting sick on Thursday night I did my best to make to put down as many points as possible.

On the bright side of things this was probably one of the most enjoyable weeks of gaming. Reason being was the amount of time spent playing with friends mixed in with GSL drama. Big shout out goes to Derek1337, my teammate that helped me finish up Lord of the Rings Conquest (what an awful game). The real highlight was listening to Bl4CK SiLv4's all night gaming session as he approached the 100k mark. Congrats again bro on the milestone.

In league news The Hand of Thrawn moved into 5th place this week. There is still a large gap between us and the 4th place team, The Sinster Six, but I have confidence that my team will close on them in the next week.


Hammer said...

lol you guys passed us up finally despite our best efforts :p

cmerritt1019 said...
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cmerritt1019 said...

Thanks for the shout out bro was rough and we are just waiting to see you crack 50k

- silva

(deleted last idea why it signed me in as my girlfriend)

thesurgeongeneral said...

Bl4ck Silv4, last seen playing Rapala Fishing Frenzy. I'm telling you, it's not worth the points. That game could literally make you vomit (from bad camera). Sorry if my warning comes too late.