Sunday, March 1, 2009

AAR GSL Week 2

Week 2 GSL Starting Score: 30745
Week 2 GSL Ending Score: 33985
Week 2 GSL Points Scored: 3240
Hand of Thrawn Current Rank: 6th

What a disappointing week for me. My goal had been to drop four thousand points this week but I failed to do so.

Eragon, single handily ruined my GSL week. This game was so horrible and boring that I fell asleep on three different occasions playing it, and we all know there is no sleeping in a GSL. It is projected as a 5-10hour game but probably took me longer. The only bright spot was that I did 1k it so I will never have to insult my 360 again by loading up this horrible game.

The game I did enjoy this week was Cars. My Son is a big Cars fan so playing with him watching and cheering me on (or yelling at me when I lost) was a enjoyable experience. The game was rather fun and with the help of the youtube videos I was able to 1k this game also. For the record it took me one hour to find all the postcards.

Im in the lineup for week 3 of the GSL so I plan on making up for some of the lost ground from this past week. I need to hit my local stores and load up on some more ammo. As a team we did fairly well as Bishop x360a and BL4CK SiLv4 led the charge which aloud us to secure the 6th spot in the league. We have a small mountain to climb to break into the top 5 but it is a doable. We just have to remember its a Marathon, not a sprint.

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