Friday, February 26, 2010


The Hand of Thrawn Boosting Alliance (HOTBA) was created earlier this year by ThrawnOmega with the intent to tackle the tough and mundane multiplayer achievements with a group of friends. This is so much easier and reliable then depending on some random 13 year old that you met on the forums and agreed to boost with, only to have him bail on you after he got his achievements because his mom said he had to go to bed....

Thrawn set out to recruit former teammates from previous GSL teams he captained and followers from his blog. In end adding 7 gamers to the alliance for a total of 8 ( you are all welcome for the 1st Grade math lesson). Myself having been a member of his GSL VII team it was obvious I had to be included to the HOTBA to keep all the knuckle heads in line.

The gamers are as follows in order of Gamer joke).

Sabre x360a
Blind Ragee

So far we have "officially" boosted 3 games: Wolfenstien, Turning Point, and Frontlines. Having this group has made playing crappy games like Wolfenstien easier because everyone knows, Misery loves Company! Party chat is always entertaining with one of the group highlights being the discovery of

The biggest reason why I joined this group was not only to play games with some kick ass dudes but it will also to motivate me and keep me on track for my goal of 100k. As we play more games readers will continue to hear about the HOTBA through out the year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I finished my Mass Effect 2 play through earlier this week and I have never been more excited for a game as I am for Mass Effect 3.

ME2 is the Greatest Of All Time.....imo.

I know there are many out there that would say the game was great but not worthy of the status I am giving it. I have been playing games since the age of 6 and this one sits at the top for me.

Bioware did a fantastic job with the story and the side stories of your crew. The world they have created can be expanded on ten fold if they so choose so. One of the big reasons ME2 won me over is because I was already invested in their world. I played ME1 like most gamers but I also read both books before playing ME2.

Based off the second book the Illusive Man was everything I thought he would be and more, but what was even more awesome was seeing the Flotilla. Yes this hard ass Soldier has a inner Geek inside him.

However, what made this game truly enjoyable was being able to experience it with my Wife. Most games I play she could care less about. Not this time. She was as anxious as I was for me to continue to playing. Hell she even recommended the crew-member for me to hook up with!

Mass Effect 3 can not get here soon enough!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Three Hot Chicks...and a Ugly One.

2010 has started off on a serious high note for me. During the month of January I have played 3 amazing games Assassins Creed II, Darksiders, and Mass Effect 2 (My front runner for greatest game ever!). All three of these games have brought something different to the table for me.

AC2 had amazing gameplay, fantastic graphics, and Ezio is a freakin rockstar! The story was very well done and had me hooked all through out the game. I need to go back and collect all the feathers and finish off one or two more achievements to have the full 1K.

Darksiders has not got as much love from me as the other two, due to real life Army missions, but the time I have spent in it has been awesome. The game is flat out FUN. I need to hurry up and get back to this game asap. No way in hell can I leave it hanging unfinished. But all my time as of late has been taken up by....

Mass Effect 2! O-M-F-G! Im about 24hours in and without a doubt I can honestly say that this has been the greatest gaming experience of my life. Not since I was a kid playing Super Mario Brothers 3 have I had this much fun in a game. Bioware did not just raise the bar, they blew the motherf***er into outer space!

However, with all groups of Hot Chicks there is always one. You know who Im talking about. The one you try to be nice to in hopes that she passes a good word along about you, but who really you cant stand to be around. Not because she is ugly but because she is always negative, treats you like shit, and her achievement list requires insane amount of hours boosting....err wait, wtf was I talking about again? Well to get to my point, my Ugly game of the month was Wolfenstein. If you have not played it I now envy you. The multiplayer achievements are so freaking stupid the the devs who thought about them should be shot (30mins of Veil Speed anyone?). Then to top it off the single player is full of collectibles, which isnt necessarily bad but the campaign is shit! I had to apologize to my gamercard after I got rid of this game.

January also saw me revisit Street Fighter 4, I finished Spec Ops in MW2(but had to carry my partner all the way!), and even took part in the 1000 players Online achievement in NBA Live 07. No doubt January was a awesome gaming month just to bad February is going to suck for me.....