Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I finished my Mass Effect 2 play through earlier this week and I have never been more excited for a game as I am for Mass Effect 3.

ME2 is the Greatest Of All Time.....imo.

I know there are many out there that would say the game was great but not worthy of the status I am giving it. I have been playing games since the age of 6 and this one sits at the top for me.

Bioware did a fantastic job with the story and the side stories of your crew. The world they have created can be expanded on ten fold if they so choose so. One of the big reasons ME2 won me over is because I was already invested in their world. I played ME1 like most gamers but I also read both books before playing ME2.

Based off the second book the Illusive Man was everything I thought he would be and more, but what was even more awesome was seeing the Flotilla. Yes this hard ass Soldier has a inner Geek inside him.

However, what made this game truly enjoyable was being able to experience it with my Wife. Most games I play she could care less about. Not this time. She was as anxious as I was for me to continue to playing. Hell she even recommended the crew-member for me to hook up with!

Mass Effect 3 can not get here soon enough!


Anonymous said...

lol ask your wife if she has a sister and or request for her to talk some sense in to my girlfriend and get her to enjoy some Mass Effect 2 also. I need to get back into finishing that game, i've been playing waaaaay too much crap; excluding BioShock and Dantes inferno. OK wtf 2 more posts to read? You're on fire dude, you and Bishop are making me look veeeery bad here.

David said...

I have decided to stop renting or buying games. But, Mass Effect 2 is the next game I pick up. I wasnt convinced enough about it, I heard so much hype and great things about it though.

I have heard a soldier loves it, so I will be picking it up later this or next month.

Oh, and thanks for following me, my first follower of the last 5 or so months blogging. lol