Friday, February 26, 2010


The Hand of Thrawn Boosting Alliance (HOTBA) was created earlier this year by ThrawnOmega with the intent to tackle the tough and mundane multiplayer achievements with a group of friends. This is so much easier and reliable then depending on some random 13 year old that you met on the forums and agreed to boost with, only to have him bail on you after he got his achievements because his mom said he had to go to bed....

Thrawn set out to recruit former teammates from previous GSL teams he captained and followers from his blog. In end adding 7 gamers to the alliance for a total of 8 ( you are all welcome for the 1st Grade math lesson). Myself having been a member of his GSL VII team it was obvious I had to be included to the HOTBA to keep all the knuckle heads in line.

The gamers are as follows in order of Gamer joke).

Sabre x360a
Blind Ragee

So far we have "officially" boosted 3 games: Wolfenstien, Turning Point, and Frontlines. Having this group has made playing crappy games like Wolfenstien easier because everyone knows, Misery loves Company! Party chat is always entertaining with one of the group highlights being the discovery of

The biggest reason why I joined this group was not only to play games with some kick ass dudes but it will also to motivate me and keep me on track for my goal of 100k. As we play more games readers will continue to hear about the HOTBA through out the year.


JJBDude said...

Glad to see it working out for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I hope the fam is ok, if spirits are still low don't show this to the wife until she's ready to laugh her ass off:

Anonymous said...

lmfao and I can't stop laughing @ in order of gamerscore loool