Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The month has gotten off to a slow start due to some real life issues but its time to get energized and start scoring.

I should stay scoring at a decent pace this month and will hopefully make up some ground on my push to 100k. My plan of playing 4 games will keep me from getting bored but I have to be careful and remember to say hello to my Wife every once in a while. I just paid for her to get her hair done so that should earn me at least 3 weeks of game time right?

First up will be Boderlands. I heard a ton of great things about this game and Im really looking forward to playing this. My first play through will be strictly co-op. I will be playing with a good buddy of mine, eMoander, so party chat will be entertaining as well. Hopefully the game will live up to the high expectations I have in my mind about it.

HOTBA is back at it again with another horrible game. This month we will suffer through Fracture together. Im not sure if we will go for the 1500 multi-player games played acheevo but it would be a nice one to have and brag about....well maybe not. Im not sure if I will play the rest of the campaign yet. Im not really worried about my completion percentage right now so this will probably look horrible on my gamercard when I send it back to Gamefly.

When Im not making fun of Moander or knee deep in mindless boosting with HOTBA I will be playing Darksiders. Sadly this game kind of got pushed to the back burner last month, but I will make amends and finish at least one play through...

Now the game that will drive me nuts this month is Gears of War 2. I have made up my mind to finish up two more achievements in the game, which means I need to hit level 50. As of this posting Im at level 44. 50 is as far as I go then Im never touching this game again....or should I say until Cliffy B releases more dlc. So if anyone is down for some Guardian boosting holla at your boy!


Anonymous said...

Man I wouldn't feel right letting you hit anymore gears2 all alone lol i'll pick it up before the weekend. As for Darksiders, good luck with that it's a fun game but it still has alot of controller throwing moments. And I wish I could play Borderlands again, that was an amazing game I think that gets a Double D rating but im not popping it back in until I can get all those DLC's for FREEEE!!!!

JJBDude said...

" I just paid for her to get her hair done so that should earn me at least 3 weeks of game time right?" - great quote haha!

But sounds good for you. My girlfriend got me Fracture a while ago as she saw it cheap, I'm yet to play it as I'm unsure if I want a game on my card that has so much online boosting needed.

David said...

I enjoyed Darksiders. I found the hardest setting a challenege. So I suggest ya play on that difficulty setting(apocolyptic).

It was a fun game.

As for Borderlands I rented that game and kept it for ages, I loved it. But I suggest ya get only the first DLC that was released. (The Island of Dr Ned, I think it's called) Because the second was bad (reviews).

I will have to pick Borderland up myself one day. Then I can play the 3rd DLC. (Level cap, aswell).

So it looks like ya have some fun ahead, hope I was some help. lol

Sabre x360a said...

Last night I rocked out on some 4 player Co-op in Boderlands. Good times but man does the difficulty level ramp up. I noticed a huge difference when we went from 3 to 4 players.