Saturday, March 20, 2010


60k has finally been surpassed.

Gamefly and my local video game rental store were kind enough to provide me with Ice Age and Night at the Museum 2 which finally allowed me to whore past the mark that had been hanging over my head for a very long time.

Surprisingly they were both very enjoyable games. Night at the Museum was a total breeze but Ice Age gave me fits. I still need to go back and finish the Egg Roll 3 challenge for the full 1k. Other then that the rest of the game is a piece of cake, however Im not sure if this game can be completed under 5 hours like it is suggested on The challenge acheevos can be hit or miss and its obvious I missed.

Not much to report in other gaming news. Little progress has been made in Borderlands but the little I have done has been rather enjoyable. Daylight Savings has screwed my playing schedule with my buddy eMoander who is back on the west coast. Darksiders was pushed to the back burner again this week, it seems this game is turning into my red-haired step child. Surprisingly HOTBA has made a ton of progress in Fracture with a handful of us only needing the final mp achievement of 1500 games played. Im not sure if we will make a serious run at that one because its only worth a lousy 15 points, but it would be nice to add to my trophy case on

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Bishop024 said...

Congrats on 60k man! Also, I'm down for going for the 1500 games played achievement in Fracture if anyone else is.