Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Recap

Coming off the best month I have ever had I did my best to keep my momentum going. March was not quite as successful as February but one must take into consideration that I rode the bench for two weeks straight in the GSL.

Gamerscore on March 1st: 33,300
Gamerscore on March 31st: 40,550

Retail Completed: 3
Arcade Completed: 0
GS needed for 50K: 9,450

There are two weeks to go in the GSL so my scores for April will not be anywhere near as high as they have been for the last few months. Im figuring out now how I want to spend my time on the 360 once the GSL ends.

One thing I know for sure is that I will be going back to complete Resident Evil 5!

Gamergirl6969 is seriously kicking my ass. Our race to 50k will be over by the end of this week. I just have to do my best to make it a respectable race and not a total blow out. For the record I blame ThrawnOmega for sitting me two weeks in a row =)

*Gamergirl6969 deserves all the credit. She has gamed her ass off and put up an enormous amount of points during this GSL.


ThrawnOmega said...

I'm a bad, bad man LOL

Matt said...

Nice gamerscore gain! :-)