Monday, April 13, 2009


What an amazing 8 weeks of gaming! The gaming event known as the Gamer Score League has come to an end. No more latenights, no more boosting games that I would never tell my friends that I played. Best of all, no My Horse and Me 2! If the GSL was one week longer it would have made its way to my door step and I would have been forced to play it...whew that was close.

The Hand of Thrawn was put together by ThrawnOmega with the intent to go out and have fun. In the weeks leading to the GSL we were called out by a few teams, L4A and Rogue Squadron. I happy to say that we crushed both those teams as we cruised to a very respectable 5th place finish (possibly 4th still awaiting word from the moderators).

My Teammates have been nothing but class acts and Id like to thank them all for all the help, games, and latenight conversation they provided.

Week 1 GSL Starting Score: 24,220
Week 8 GSL Ending Score: 42, 655

I put up 18,435 in 5 weeks of play (I rode the bench for 3 weeks). I have to give a special shoutout to Thrawn because if it wasnt for him my score would not have been possible.

Now its time to go back to regular gaming and avoiding all easy games so I have ammo for GSL VIII.

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ThrawnOmega said...

I can help you with those remaining Prey MP achievements sometime too. Perhaps on Sunday night, or any other time, if you're interested. It shouldn't take more than 60-80 minutes to finish that up for you =)