Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crossed to the Dark Side...


So yesterday I got this crazy ass notion to buy God of War III. I had played the first two and was blown away with what I had seen so far from III. There was only one thing, I didnt own a PS3, at least not until yesterday.

I forked over some big bucks and came home with a new shiny 250gb PS3 and God of War III.

That is where my excitement ended.

Upon opening up my box I realized that I should have read the contents of the package. No HDMI cables, let alone component cables to support HD!!! WTF!? Sony charges me an arm and a leg and I only get AV cables?

So after few minutes I chill out, and get my new non-HD gaming system hooked up. I start going through the initial system setup and I get to the part to setup my PSN ID (Gamertag)....

1 hour.

1 freaking hour it took me to find a damn PSN ID with the name Sabre that was not taken. I came up with every spelling, leet speak, Im more uber then you, way I could to come up with my name somewhere in it. Ive already said how important that tag is to me so right before I was ready to give up and take my PS3 back for a full refund it finally accepted my new ID.


Definately not my first choice but it will do. After my disgust with the setup I didnt even play God of War last night (besides who wants to play it in 480i?). Instead I fired up my beloved 360 and played Modern Warfare 2 with the fellas in 1080i.

In all I think I have the most expensive paperweight on my block now.

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JJBDude said...

Times like these it makes me grateful to be able to get JJBDude first try every try haha. :D