Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Recap

January has come to an end and I can honestly say that it was one of my best gaming months. My current Gamerscore stands at 23,508 which put me at a 5,508 gain for the month of January. What is even more exciting about that is the fact that most of those points were earned during a two week challenge. Imagine if I had pushed myself for the whole 31 days! Good thing I didn't do that though because I really need to pace myself with GSL VII just a few weeks away.

Gamerscore Gained: 5,508
Retail Completed: 3
Arcade Completed: 1
GS needed for 50K: 26,492

My Mom always told me to place nice with girls.

Sorry Mom, this girl is going to get her butt kicked. As if I needed any more motivation to reach my goal for 2009, I have agreed to race gamergril6969 to 50K. Should be a very fun race as she is also apart of this seasons GSL.

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