Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait. The phrase that every new soldier in the US Army becomes familiar with within their first weeks of service.

Hurry up and get to where you need to be. Wait for additional orders.

Never did I think this phrase would relate to my hobby of gaming, but in fact that is exactly what I have been doing for the last two weeks as we inch closer to the launch of GSL VII.

Hurry Up: I have a spread sheet of the games I plan on playing during the GSL. Over the last few weeks I have been hitting the local video game stores, websites, and friends for games that I can buy, borrow, or trade that are on my spreadsheet. With my growing collection I have begun working out the roster of games and what order to play them. I have put my Wifey on notice that any discussion, arguement, agreement we have during the GSL can not be held against me as I will be so focused on unlocking achievement that I probably will not realize she is talking.

Wait: Is it start time yet? Not playing my 360 and unlocking achievements is driving me crazy. I find myself sitting through a episodes of Grey's Anatomy with the Wifey just to keep me away from playing. Waiting. I can only browse through the x360a forums so many times a day, spamming the refresh button to keep me from playing. Waiting. My week 1 roster of games is set, but Ill probably go through it 20 more times before the GSL starts. Waiting.......


ThrawnOmega said...

I know that feeling. Is it Wednesday yet? In a somewhat similar fashion, I've put my roommate on notice for when he can and cannot play my xbox. I'm letting him go nuts on it now because he won't be seeing it much for the next 8 weeks, unless he's helping me in local co-op.

Venom1983PRO said...

Good luck in the GSL is it a states only thing or is it opento anyone?