Friday, June 17, 2011

Dusting off the Cobwebs

Earlier this week I decided it was time. Time to come back to the Achievement Game.

This decision did not come easily. As much as I enjoy playing video games, a lot has changed for me over the last year. I recently had another child, work is still as demanding as ever, and I also am still committed to raiding on the weekends with Wiping with Style.

The first question I asked myself was if I had the time to play my beloved 360. The answer is I do, just not as much time as I would like. With my gaming time being limited I told myself I would have to make the most of it. I cant allow myself to get distracted or to sit idly on the dashboard for extended periods of time. I have to constantly be aware of that next achievement, so to ensure I stay focused and on track I have gone back to the trusted site of The Road Maps will help me be as efficient as possible and increase my achievement to time played ratio.

The second question I had to answer was how I was planning to tackle the task of reaching 100k. That was pretty easy for me to figure out as right now I have a pretty large backlog of video games I own. Some still need to be played for the first time(in the wrapper), and others that I need to complete. So my personal stash of games will get me started but I will eventually reactivate my GameFly account.

The third question I asked myself is probably the most important. How was I going to avoid burning out and quitting again? Well for starters, no more shit games. I know that will be harder said then done but I am going to try to avoid the garbage games, even if that means passing up an easy 1k. My thought process on this is that playing quality games will keep me coming back but will also allow me to build a list of games I can burn through should I ever enter another GSL (HOTBA Reunion!). I have decided to juggle no more then 3 games at a time as well. Like I said above I want to play as efficiently as possible. However, I plan on trying to have at least one game that has some sort of co-op available that way I can also use the time to game with my 6 year old. Today we started on Toy Story 3 and the four achievements I unlocked mean even more to me because they were completed with my son.

So that is my plan and I am going to do my best to stick to it. This week I have been working on Bulletstorm and managed to complete the Anarchy Master achievement with a friend. I finished the campaign, now I just need to go back and clean it up a bit. As mentioned Toy Story 3 is being worked on and I am going to flip a coin to decide on my next game to play. The candidates are COD:Black Ops and Bioshock 1. All in all this week was a good reintroduction back in to the achievement scene. As of this posting I have unlocked 21 achievements for 405 points. 100k will be mine......


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JJBDude said...

That's good to hear, glad your back :)