Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Sayin

Damn its been awhile since I've been on here. I've disappeared from the Xbox secne but I haven't stopped gaming.

The evil folks of Blizzard Entertainment have sucked me back in. The last six months I have been playing a ton of World Of Warcraft and mixed in some Starcraft2 when Im not wtfpwning murlocs.

Upon returning to WoW I ended up starting my own 10 man Raiding Guild, Wiping with Stye www.wipingwithstyle.com and have put a lot of time into running that Guild. I have gone back to playing my Undead Priest and have been enjoying the latest expansion. For those interested you can find me on the US-Uldum Server on the Horde side of course.

On the console side of things I can be spotted playing Black Ops every once and a while and I also recently started a new save on my much beloved Mass Effect. I plan on playing through ME1 and ME2 again before ME3 launches later this year.

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