Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attack Plan In Place

With my 2009 goal already met I needed something new to keep me motivated to continue scoring for the remainder of the year. Actually, to keep me scoring until Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

My plan is somewhat of a ripoff of Thrawn's plan that he used during the summer, after the GSL had ended, but only slightly different. I am only going to focus on 3 games (2 retail, 1 arcade) from 3 different genres to keep it fresh and prevent burnout/boredom.

1. Dead Space (FPS/Horror): I have had this game from Gamefly for far to long and I need to finish this up. Im almost half way finished with my first play through and Im currently sitting at 205/1000. The game is fantastic and if you have not played it you need to take your ass over to your nearest Blockbuster and rent it now! This game came highly recomended to me from BL4CK SiLv4 (who has a new blog by the way http://silv4.blogspot.com/ ) and it has not disappointed.

2. Grand Theft Auto 4 (Sand Box): This game is sitting at an embarrassing 15/1000 (not counting DLC). For some reason I never got into this game, I guess Nico just wasnt my kind of guy so the game sat collecting dust. I don't know if Ill get the full 1k in this but any progress in this will be good progress for my completion percentage.

3. Feeding Frenzy (Arcade): 150/200. Only 3 achievements left in this game but they are time consuming. Still needing 40 thousand in the Food Bank, 1000 Sharks eaten, and 10 hours played. Ill work on this for a few minutes a day until completed. As of this posting my Food Bank is at 21k but unfortunately there is no way to track how many Sharks you eat or how many hours you play. Ill be glad to have this game completed.

Now I dont expect to stick to this plan 100% of the time but having this in place will keep me focused. I do plan on doing some multiplayer with friends and boosting when the opportunity presents itself.


Anonymous said...

Get in the game soldier, we'll have you at 100k in no time oohaaa!

x666xAFTERLIFEx said...

yo add me up on xbox or i will i have the same goal as u for gamerscore and ill give u some tips in GTA 4 It's x666xAFTERLIFEx