Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After being MIA for the last month I am finally back on Xbox Live. My move from Cali to Texas is complete. I was able to take a month off between my move and during that time I did not touch my Xbox. It was kind of refreshing to step away from the gamerscore grind.

However, all good things must come to an end. Im re-focused (okay not really) and will be hitting my back log hard. During my time off I decided I wanted to save a bit of money so I will not be buying as many retail games as I normally do, but instead will be working on my completion percentage. My 1 game plan with Gamefly should be enough to keep me satisfied until all the new major releases come out during the holiday season.

Ive already reached my goal for 2009 but with the games I already have I should be able to bang out another 10k before the end of the year without too much trouble.

As for the Army side of things...Im now stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. My new position is sick and it will allow me to do some traveling, and not the middle east type of vacations. It also comes with greater responsibility but the best part is that I will have more time off to do shit that is important to me like chill with the family, advancing my education, and game.

One last thing....GO COWBOYS!


Anonymous said...

More responsibilities huh soldier? They must have given you a larger clipboard lol. I'll do my best to help pump up that GS since mine will come to a halt due to all this work, I'll def be on weekends though.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cannoli; Bishop024 is DEAD!!! - Read all about it in my latest blog post