Monday, June 1, 2009

50K Push

Its been a while since I have posted here so I felt I would give a brief update. Since the completion of the GSL I have taken things pretty easy in relation to point scoring. I have spent my time playing "Good" games and time consuming games which has led to May being my lowest scoring month of 2009.

I completed Too Human and can honestly say that I enjoyed every hour of it. The grind was a daunting task but with the new spider farming method discovered I was able to finish my last two achievements needed. I was fortunate to get the help of some fellow gamers from on some of the tougher ones and I have to send a shout out to FlipSwitch from x360a. This guy has a TON of Too Human knowledge. Thanks also goes out to Method x360a and Prodigy1980 for there help as well. Without them I might still be trying to finish the game.

I also finished the story line of Resident Evil 5 but still need to go back and clean it up for the 1k. Sacred 2 has been taking up most of my time the last week and is a very addiciting game. If you dont believe me then you an read ThrawnOmega's blog. Another big time sink for me this past month was Gears of War 2 multiplayer. I managed to reach level 25 but thats about as far as I am going. To many nights of frustration and wanting to smash my controller into the ground for me to go any higher. Although its always a blast to game with my boys ThrawnOmega, BL4CK SiLv4, and Bishop024.

However its time for me to get serious again. With my upcoming move to Texas in July I have decided that I want to close out the month of June by reaching my goal of 50k. As of today I am currently off the mark by 4,610. I would like to get as many if not all of these points from games in my backlog allowing me to raise my 58% completion percentage at the same time. It shouldnt be too hard but I may have to rent a game or two if it comes down to crunch time and Im still short.


ThrawnOmega said...

Good luck on the 50k push. I may be going into Sacred 2 rehab soon =P

MajinFro said...

I enjoyed Too Human too though it wasn't quite as good as Diablo 2 was back in the day. How does Sacred 2 stack up?

Sabre x360a said...

Sacred 2 is probably the closest thing I have seen to Diablo 2 on a console. Ton of quests and items with 5 different levels of difficulty. Im realy looking forward to Thrawns review.