Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nice Start to 2009

As the countdown to the end of '08 ended and 2009 began, I made a New Year resolution to to take my achievement whoring a bit more serious. On January 1st, I sat at a measly 18,000 gamer score. My goal that I set out for the new year was to reach 30k by the end of '09 which would be a 1k a month pace.

Its three weeks in and I'm well ahead of schedule. So much so that I will have to adjust my goal here shortly. I was in a race to 40k with a fellow member over at x360a.org but due to some girlfriend aggro he had to pull out. Not all is lost though as I am also racing Masonasaur to 60% completion. This race will be very close.

Currently I'm finishing up Cabela's Big Game Hunter. Once completed Ill be just a couple hundred shy of 23k and 5k for the month of January.

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