Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gears 2 laid to rest

Finally hit level 50!

No more Host Glitches!
No more Two Pieces!
No more Bridge Hosting!
No more 12 years olds!
No more Guardian!
No more Security Grinding!
No more being laughed at by Silva and Bishop!

So Im level 50 and finally hanging up my Lancer. I entertained the idea of going after level 100 and Seriously 2.0 for about a full minute before I slapped the shit out of myself for allowing such a stupid thing to cross my mind. I am in no shape or form a completionist so Ill be happy with my 1610gs and move on.

The only way I will play that game again is if I can finally get a friend or two to knock out the last Horde achievement I am missing (1-20 on Sanctuary), but if not its no big deal!

Gears 3, take your time. Im in no rush to play you.


ThrawnOmega said...

You just wait. Long enough after Gears 3 comes out, 2's multiplayer will be empty enough that HOTBA could boost that crap with ease (though it will still take plenty of hours)

Asmodeo el Malsano said...

I'll do 1-20 with you on Sanctuary sometime, if you'd like.